Thursday, September 29, 2011



Today is the first day I actually sit down and write on my new blog.  (Love that new blog smell! - I wonder if I can find that in a fragrance oil for a new batch of soap?)  I really have to stress that updates to this thing may be sporadic, much like my facebook page.  I may make 5 entries one day and then nothing for the next two weeks.  I'm ADD like that.

I hope you'll bear/bare with me as I imagine that many of my posts might sound a lot like me talking to myself or just thinking out loud. Which I really do a lot of anyway, so it'll be just like sitting next to me while I'm on the computer, except you'll get a peek at my left and right hemispheres too.  Fun stuff, right?

Whenever I think of blogging, I'm reminded of the Despair guys and their posters, (which have been known to make me cry laughing) but in this case the one that says:
Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.
(Small delay here while I spend 20 minutes looking at all the funnies on their site.)

So hopefully I'll be the witty, touching, eloquent writer that captures your attention and makes you long for my next post.  But it's more likely that I'll just ramble about stuff or post links to things I find amusing or intellectually stimulating, or useful, or just plain absurd...   
Warmest regards.
  = >

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