Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh Smarty Pants Device - How did I live without you!?

It all started with an ipod...
  Not that new one that reacts to my every caress - It was that "heavy" white one with the happy little click wheel and the pong-like screen that let me take hundreds of my cds with me - in my pocket.  I used to gloat in my head about the shiny disks still cluttering other peoples visors while I had more music in the palm of my hand than they could fit over their entire dash.   I still have that ipod, filled to the last gigabyte with music, sitting in it's cradle of honor on perpetual charge because the battery's long since drained. 
 I've had my 3G ipod touch for four years now and it's got some amazing apps, games, movies, videos and thousands of songs barely making a dent in it's 32 gigs.  My son covets my ipod touch and has been saving his lawn mowing money for nearly a year to buy his own. (Don't tell him he'll probably get one for Christmas, OK?)  But that ipod touch pales in techy comparison to my smart phone.

 ~ I should clarify that I do not own an iphone.  Why? Because I use a cell provider that doesn't suck. (Yet.)  If/when my cell provider starts making iphones available and affordable, I may just get one. ~

But for now, I have an Android phone.  And I LOVE IT!  It has conditioned me to feel incomplete if I don't have it near me at all times.  It responds only to me.  It knows my schedule and I don't make appointments or purchases without consulting it first.  It whispers words of devotion in my ear.  I would seriously recommend a smart phone for anyone with a business or who's even a little ADD.  Even more so if you're lucky enough to have/be both.

It has literally paid for itself.  It allows me to access store and product coupons from my email and websites.  It does price comparisons right at the price-matching checkout line.  It lets me accept credit cards at any farmers market and craft fair I can attend.  It takes better pictures than my 5 year old digital camera and lets me share them with whomever however I want, whenever I want.  It keeps my grocery list handy and reminds me of everything from paying bills to my son's school events.  It can give me directions to anywhere and lets me watch porn or read erotic fiction at work.  I can sell my kid's toys on ebay or craigslist at the first sign of teen rebelion.  It can even help me figure out what I can make from a single onion, a bottle of italian dressing, a pound of ground elk and an apple for dinner and then calculate the lye I need for my next batch of soap.

I still have my old, over-stuffed daytimer.  More for sentimental reasons than anything else, I think.  But it's slowly going the way of my click wheel ipod.  I may have to just pack it away somewhere in case of a zombie apocalypse so the unlucky survivors have something to burn for warmth and paper to wipe with when the truck load of TP I've been stockpiling in my bomb shelter finally runs out - I'm sure they'll be happy to find my smarty pants device so they can play angry birds and watch a few movies before their brains get eaten...

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  1. I am lost without my iPhone. It wasn't my first choice of smartphone, but I can't imagine life without it now! Which I think is a little sad... oh well ;)


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