Thursday, January 5, 2012

WOW Deals I'm compelled to share


   Every now and then I come across a great deal and I'm literally compelled to pass it on -

If you're in the Boise, ID area, Groupon has another WOW deal on 5 laser hair removal treatments for $99 to get your underarms done. (This place and most others charge around $500 regularly.) Click here> Boise Groupon

Also, A little site I found called NETAYA has some unbelievable daily deals on jewelry - I gave myself a present of a pair of 1 ct. natural blue topaz earrings and a matching pendant plus a sterling silver chain for $10 each!   They have a an adorable sterling and diamond bow pendant on a sterling box chain for $20 bucks and free shipping!  (USE CODE NYR5 at checkout to get the deal on the bow pendant.)
Click here >  

Overstock had a 1" memory foam mattress topper in a CA King size for $20!  (For that price you could get 2, fold 'em in 4ths, put 'em in a funky print twin sheet sewn around the edges and make an amazing gaming lounge pillow chair for the kids!)

Everyday at 12 ET NoMoreRack will post their deals and some are pretty great (Others are just Meh and some are actually just cheap shtuff)  But it's worth a look in case they happen to post one of those super great deals (like the leather tote I got for $10 or the Green Peridot earrings I bought for only $7) Best of all, shipping is just $2 for each item.

Today they had a 10-pack of lace scraps for only $24 that'd be great for crafting and scrapbooking! 

Click here > 

Alrighty, that's all I've got time for right now, but if you want me to send you some other stuff I get in my DOD emails, let me know.

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