Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cookies are made of butter and love. ~Norwegian Proverb

It's that time - Christmas Treats Everywhere!  At the office - At home - At the parties - At school - You can't avoid them - I don't even try.

Below are some helpful tips and recipes I've twiddled across during my distracted forays into the web:

From one of my favorite sites - TipNut.com - Bake Cookies Like A Pro and 12 Quick & Easy No-Bake Cookies

Martha's always good for some great tips and recipes - She even has an App for cookies!

Betty Crocker and Pillsbury (Those two are both owned General Mills.) are timeless classics - Check out Betty's Homemade Gift Section too!

Better homes & Gardens (or BHG) even gives you the very basics of baking along with great recipes.

Paula Deen's is also a good resource.

Oh! and if you're looking for some last minute DIY's - You should definitely check out some of my recent Pinterest Pins! for Reinbeers, I-Spy Bottles & Ornaments, Lavender Sachets and Bath Soaks, Sweater Sleeve Wine Bags, A DIY Ice Cream Sundae Kit and Gift Bags to wrap it all up!

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