Thursday, November 10, 2011

What're you making?

I ususally make most of the gifts I give to family - The exception being my husband and son who prefer electronics, sporting equipment, toys and gadgets - But everyone else gets goodies I make. 

In years past I've made gift sets of Dip & Rub mixes and mixes for soups and breads all packaged with my meal saver and wrapped in handmade burlap sacks, dish towels or oven mitts.  I've made liquers and ornaments and hand woven rugs, crocheted scarves and yummy soaps too.  (A lot of these can be found in my shop)

I usually make too much.  Enough so that I inadvertently make my relatives a bit uncomfortable.  In fact that's how my Etsy store came about - With my husband asking what I intended to do with all the stuff I made.

This year I'm making wine cork boards/trivets with beer bottle cap tacks for the grown ups and manicure and travel baglets for the nieces.  (I was considering some funky monster fur leg warmers, but simply don't have time to test my sketchy sewing skills.)  I've also been making jams, jellies, salsas and loaves of bread that I've frozen to bring for the holidays.

I'm very interested in what others give for presents.  One never knows what will inspire the next fit of manic creativity.  I'm posting this question on here and on my FB @ adcdpage, on my twitter feed @idahocrystals and I'm also pinning any pictures that I can find that may inspire you on my Pinterest boards.

So - What are you giving?

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  1. I've been thinking about this a lot lately as Christmas is approaching, but I haven't come up with much yet! Hopefully you will inspire me on Pinterest :)


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