Monday, November 14, 2011

What I'm making - Wine Cork Board and Beer Cap Tack Tutorial

Remember I told you I was going to be making some wine cork board/trays for my mother and sisters-in law?  Well I got two of them done this weekend and thought I'd share.  I also made some beer cap tacks to go with them.  I was unusually lucid and I had the rare forethought to take some pictures of my progress so I could post a tutorial about the tacks. - I'm thinking I might also have to include some wine charms to hang from those beer cap tacks. 

I gotta say that this whole thing was super easy - in fact the hardest part was puzzling the corks together so they fit nice and tight in the trays.

I had originally planned on using picture frames that I picked up at the thrift store, but on a recent foray into my local Ross, I found these beautiful trays for $6 each.  They're really too nice to cover with corks, but there ya go. 

So the rule for the day - If you want an amazing end result, you have to start with quality ingredients/supplies.

Box o' corks and my $6 tray - I used real corks rather than the rubber variety, simply because I think they have more character and it's easier to insert tacks in to them.

Lay them all out.  You may need to cut one or more in half or thirds with a sharp utility knife to make them fit snugly.

Keep your band-aids handy! 

Then hot glue them in one at a time - To the tray and to each other - Use the High Temp glue in case it's used as a trivet so a hot casserole dish won't undo all your work.

For the beer cap tacks, you'll need flat and round pliers, strong adhesive, beer caps, a straight pin and some resin.  I used Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.

First bend your pin at a right angle

Then use the round pliers to bend, first one way, then the other, to make a swirl - You can do an actual swirl or whatever - the idea is to give your pin more substance for a base to hold it in the cap.


Use your super strong glue and stick the pin to the cap.

When it's dry, fill the cap with the resin to cement to whole thing.

Allow to dry at least two days. 

Tack on your tag, wine charms, gift certificates and GIVE!  = >

Cheers! Salut! Prost!

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